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** is a scammer and did not deliver anything. - BEWARE



I literally have not had a worst experience with a developer in my life. This profile will take your money, and give you mock ups but will not deliver a final product. IShe also closed the job quickly before I could provide any feedback. I have been scammed and requesting help from upwork about this.


These are awful business people. Associated profiles below:


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Hi Greg,


I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with a freelancer. I checked and it looks like you were able to request a refund from them, please let us know if you need any further assistance so we can help you or direct you to the team that can.




I need further assistance. The developer has declined to refund and has not delivered a product in the months I have attempted to get this from them. I would like the opportunity to rate her and her company, but the feedback period has closed.

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re: "I have been scammed and requesting help from upwork about this."

How much money in total did you pay to this freelancer (or agency, as the case may be).

Over $1000 for a simple two page website. It has dragged on for months and the product was never uploaded or delivered to me. I would not hire.

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You need to look at your Server before saying this

I offered all Files and even gave u access of my server

Please Lets Check your server first before Saying anything



Thats not true. This has gone on for months. Nothing has been delivered. I am going to reply to the upwork agent on this thread now and let others know.

What is not True , Didn I offered Files before on August Infact and Did we agreed at start do we need to setup website on ur server

I am Just helping you which is not even we agreed at start , but u have taken this as part of project

Didn't I shared website access with all Credentials ?

Please Look at Chat History and Reply


I believe you when you say that you are frustrated, but the freelancer would not be here participating in this thread if she was a scammer.


It appears that she wants to help you understand where your files are and how you can move forward.


Let's set aside the freelancer's interests for a moment here. I think that you, as a client who wants a project done and who does not want to waste money, should put yourself and your project first.


There are two choices that would show that you are putting your project first:


a) work with the freelancer, who is clearly willing to help you understand more and use the files she prepared 




b) put that in the past and move forward with other freelancers.



If you don't like any freelancer's work or work style, you are not obligated to continue working with them. Trying to get money from someone who worked for you in the past is a waste of your time.

I appreciate your wisdom. I have only requested a partial refund to which they refused. I recognize some work had been done with staging. However, the unprofessionalism and non delivery of product is worth sharing. I hired this person in June and honestly worked until yesterday to get this accomplished. I would not want anyone to have such an experience.


I have summarized events here for clarity. I tried and let the information speak for itself:


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Community Manager

Hi Greg,


Please note that I've removed the thread you started since including names of persons or companies (or other identifying information) in an accusation of misconduct, incompetence or other wrongdoing, as well as posting interpersonal disputes and private communication is not allowed in Community forums. Please review and keep in mind our Community Guidelines in your future posts.


I've checked your contract and would strongly suggest continuing your communication with the freelancer directly and trying to resolve the issue that arose on your closed contract amicably. I'll ask a member of our team to reach out to you and assist with any questions you have. Thank you.

~ Vladimir

Please have someone reach out. I literally left a message with your HQ to
have someone call me back over this issue and I have not received a call
back. I have tried for months to resolve this amicably. It is clear the
freelancer will not deliver the website to me.


Hi all,


A few posts have been removed from this thread for Community Guidelines. I will go ahead and close this thread for further replies.


Thanks to all who participated in this conversation.


~ Aleksandar

Greg: This situation can still get better for you.


I just talked to the freelancer privately.


The freelancer has the files. She has offered to re-send the files to you. She offered to do so again only a few hours ago.


The files are also online at a link she has provided to you. The credentials that she provided to you are still active. She can re-send the credentials to you if you need her to.


This freelancer is trying to help you, even though she has no further obligation to do so. You actually have no leverage here. You have no way to force any kind of refund. Upwork is not going to give you money. But you have an Upwork freelancer who wants to help you and you have people here in the Forum who want to help you.


You need to make a decision about whether or not to accept the help that you are being offered, or reject that help and move forward by forgetting everything that was done in the past and moving forward with new people.


If you decide that you do not want to use the original freelancer's work, that is fine. That is an acceptable decision, and there is no shame in that. But that decision does not mean that you will receive money from anyone.


I absolutely believe that you are currently feeling frustrated and disappointed, but it is important that you understand what your current situation is.

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