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move of freelancer contract from one client account to another

Hi there,

Historically I have 2 client account. Now I want to keep the only account and disable the legacy one. 

Issue here that I have a freelancer who works for me for a long time on legacy client account and earned more than 10k with me. If I will simply rehire him through new client account it will be huge Upwork fee 20% for first 500$ and 10% till 10k$. It means that i need to cover for freelancer  75$ for first 500$ and 475$ for next 9500$. IT doesn't make sense...

I see two solution here:

1) move feelancer between accounts

2) rehire freelancer under new account but with 5% fee from the begining


Can one of the options works for me?

What else can I do here?

Community Member

Hi Alexander, 


One of our agents will reach out to you directly via a support ticket to find out more about the accounts and the contract you're referring to and assist with your concern.



~ Valeria

Please contact me aswell, I have the same issue.


Hi Robert,


Would you mind sharing more details about your concern so we can better assist you?


Thank you.

~ Luiggi
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