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offer for more than one freelancer

can I make an offer for more than one freelancer and hire who will accept first


Yes, you can. But you should leave a note about this strategy to all those to whom you make the offer. If a freelancer accepts an offer and then closes that contract without any billings, that counts negatively in their stats. By leaving a note, the freelancer will know to check if someone's already accepted the offer.


You can but it would be a bit rude and not a very good way to start a relationship with a freelancer.


I know I wouldn't be very happy if someone agreed to give me a job and then said, "Sorry, another freelancer responded quicker."


Pick the one freelancer you want and hire them. If you're worried about their availability, then you should figure this out before you offer to hire them.


Instead of making a job offer, you could send them a message but if someone sent me a message saying you're giving the job to the first freelancer who responds, I wouldn't accept the job because it doesn't seem like your that serious about the work or care about quality.


Bottom line, make a decision and send one invite. If the person doesn't respond, then revoke the invite and send another.

Burhan, I think clients saying they want to hire more than one freelancer generally do want to hire more than one freelancer.

I think if you are a smart businessman you will hire more than one freelancer, and stick with the best one for the long term. What if you hire just one but another would have been so much better?

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