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Jennifer R Member Since: Sep 15, 2017
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@Preston H wrote:

Nobody has pointed this out yet, so I will:


If a client hires a freelancer to do a milestone, and the freelancer does that milestone, the client needs to release the agreed-upon payment.


The money, when released, then belongs to the freelancer.


That money was paid for the work done on the completed milestone.


If a client would like a freelancer to do another milestone, but the freelancer does not do so, then this may be the way they planned things together, or it may be inconsequential, or it may cause serious problems for the client. In any case, such a situation does not constitute valid grounds for requesting a refund.


The wisest way for a client to set up a milestone is to be certain that the milestone constitutes usable work that is "modular" enough that it can be used with later-completed milestones, regardless of who completes the work that is done later.

You are right there.
The client could also send a message to the freelancer that the contract will be closed and a feedback given if the freelancer does not reply with x days. The important thing is that there is no blackmailing e.g. saying that the feedback will 1* if there is no refund. A possible drop in the JSS might alert the freelancer.
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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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If a client asks for a refund on a fixed-price job, then regardless of eventual feedback, the freelancer is obliged to reply to the client within seven days of receiving notice from Upwork. The freelancer can either dispute the client's request or agree to it. If the freelancer doesn't respond at all within the seven days, then the money in escrow is automatically returned to the client.