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payment for lead generation project

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Aki H Member Since: May 25, 2017
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Hi, I'm new to upwork and creating a job post for a lead generation project.

This is what we offer:  There are lots of picutres of restaurants from all around the world  in our database(The copyright belongs to us) and we are looking for the companies who would like to purchase the data for their business.


Our expectations for the freelancers: Try and find the companies who would like to get those kind of data. We are planning to ask them which data they need and charge the price.


My question is, how should I pay freelancers for this kind of job?

I mean, their would be variety of ways to get potential customers, so they don't have to be online always. So we don't know how many hours to be needed.

Or should I just say, they are going to be paid if they succeed to have the potential customers ask us to issue the estimate? In that case, there could be a possibilities that they could ask their frinds to contact us for estimates...


Do you have any idea how we can make this work?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.