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"Find Freelancers" Search Completely Useless

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Julianne G Member Since: Oct 21, 2015
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So here goes job number 3 I'm posting since migrating here, and it's just now hitting me that the search feature does not work. I mean, it can't be working.  At least not correctly.  My 2nd job I posted was for a pretty narrow skillset, so I get why I had a hard time finding qualified freelancers to invite, and it did not occur to me that I wasn't finding a lot of matching freelancers because something was amiss.  I thought that what I wanted just didn't exist in any significant quantity.


But this 3rd seemed pretty broad in scope.  So broad, in fact, that I just decided to search in the "Writing--Article and Blog Writing" category with NO OTHER FILTERS.  And even by page two, I'm off writers and looking at video/graphics people.  Umm.. what?  Are there really only 1.5 pages of article writers?  Out of how many thousands of freelancers? 


I just can't believe that. 


So... completely new rant.  Get this:  After you post a new job, then you click on "find freelancers" so that you can invite people to bid on your job.  This brings you to a blank search box.  Bravo. So let's say you enter something in that search box.  Enter anything.  Foobies.  Pizza.  Whatever.  Guess what it searches for?  It searches for your job title instead.  What?  Then, and only then, (after it brings up the results that you didn't ask for) IF you read the small print, you can check the box that says, "Search for foobies instead".  ISN'T THAT WHAT I JUST ASKED YOU TO DO!??!!!!  


This madness is killing me.  If you wonder why as a freelancer you can't be found, this may have a little something to do with it.  





EDITED TO ADD: My apologies, it would appear that I am not the only one to complain of such goings on.  Feel free to merge this with another relevant thread.


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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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As a freelancer I thank you for taking the initiative to search for freelancers in the first place, and then pointing out apparent design flaws in the search algorithm. I can only hope observations like yours will induce Upwork management and engineering to re-examine the freelance search feature and improve it.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce
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Julianne G Member Since: Oct 21, 2015
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Okay, one more rant.  I honestly just cannot stop myself.  Poor impulse control fueld by frustration, I guess.  Or that's my excuse.  So now that I've posted my jobs, I've gotten several emails.  Some titled "We've found a great fit for your job!" and others "[Freelancer Name]" and others "So and So is ready to begin!" and I think others.  This is so hard to keep track of as a client with multiple job postings.  Are these candididates I've invited?  (Some yes, some no.  How would I know?) Candidates who've bid? (Some yes, some no.  Which ones are which?) Candidates who UpWork recommends (contrary to my adamant protests that they not do this?  It would be so much easier if this were made clearer in the title/subject heading.  Why the ambiguous segregating?  This just seems like more of a push from UpWork to suggest certain candidates over the ones I've personally chosen.  This is counterintuitive.  I'm likely to be a more satisfied client using my own choices.


I made the mistake of putting the word "test" into my last job post in an attempt to vet writers, and UpWork recommended a list of QA people (get it?   Testers? )  Thanks, but no thanks.  If you can't recommend well, please just don't do it at all.  We really can find our own candidates.  Oh wait.  No, we can't because the search algorithm doesn't work.  


I realize that the point I'm trying to make may lose some legitimacy amongst my angry tone.  Like I said, I just can't help myself.


Removing myself from my computer for the evening before things get out of control!




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Cheyenne L Member Since: Mar 16, 2015
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Seeing this thread, I feel honored to be invited to write for anyone if we're THAT hard to find. If it's any consolation, the find work search can be totally useless a lot of the time, too. 

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Chris M Member Since: May 6, 2015
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yep - find freelancers search is ineffective.


I tried it to simulate what a new client might experience.


I searched for 'ebook formatting' as a new client looking for ebook formatters from the Upwork welcome page.


The search results had just one or two ebook designers peppered amongst freelancers with totally different skill sets not related to ebook formatting. There are hundreds of ebook formatting freelancers on Upwork.


I imagine Upwork is losing potential new clients daily. Sigh.