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"Upgrade to Featured" after 2 invites - cant invite more

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Simon M Member Since: Sep 16, 2019
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I too have hit this ridiculous limit. Hired nearly $50k worth of talent over two businesses in the last couple of years now upwork wants to charge me extra to invite more than three freelancers? In addition, they have taken away all the reporting etc unless you pay a fee each month. It's getting ridiculous. 

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Simon,


As part of the Basic plan you have access to several reports:

-Transaction report. This gives you a detailed view of all your Upwork transactions. Please, hover your mouse over Reports tab and then click Transactions to access it.
-Freelancer work diaries. Visit the Contract Room for any project to see a freelancer’s Work Diary.
-Weekly Summary email. Account admins will get this weekly email report, which includes details such as the hours logged by your freelancer(s).
Based on data about how clients use reports, we expect that the tools above will give the majority of clients the information they need to manage their projects. However, in cases where clients need more information, we are offering the paid Client Plus plan.


Thank you.

~ Bojan
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David D Member Since: Dec 1, 2019
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this is a complete change of the buisness model.

Invites is the only way to advertise the job correctly

after this was realized the buisness model has changed to strangle this path to


the result should eliminate a lot of quick and easy jobs, becuase for jobs

i dont think they want small jobs passing through their site.


it is interesting how upwork likes to censor work.  this is the second incidient that i have had with them.  one of my best freelancers was censored and i can no longer work with him.  now i am suppose to pay $30 to advertise each job.


i love when companies are successfull, run on automation, and use the success to justify more fees by strangling the utility.

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David D Member Since: Dec 1, 2019
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it would of made more sense for freelancers to have a variable to block invites after three have been sent out.  if they wanted to control unwanted invites.


i suppose this was the first thing the bouncy girl suggested with a stupid arguement.... noting her purpose is to delivery bad ideas becuase on one will disagree withher bueaty and bubbliness.

when implemented on a test group the rich and  blinded gladdly paided the increase fees, this out weighed the money generated by small jobs.  Therefore the path is expanded to everyone on the system.


the sad part is that the systems essence more effectively helps those that need small jobs and roles filled associated with risk as opposed to those that need long term help that have a stableness behind them.  those that need long term help usually have a steady money stream to support normal hires,  while those exploring and innovating need small jobs and have ultra tight budgets.


a loss for inovation.