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"Upgrade to Featured" after 2 invites - cant invite more

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Heaven H Member Since: Nov 24, 2015
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I agree with a previous poster that 3 invites is not enough, especially if clients get only 3 total instead of a few invites per day. It's the clients who spam with 10, 15, 20+ invitations at a time that are the problem. It's very possible that all three invited freelancers will decline or fail to respond soon enough for the client.

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Tyler C Member Since: Mar 22, 2019
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Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Tyler, 

I'm sorry to learn that this has been an inconvenience for you. Any changes we make are to improve the Upwork experience for all customers so that we can continue to be a leader in helping freelancer and clients connect. In this case, we know clients have different needs and we wanted to give our clients the options so they can choose the best plan for them.

Currently with your, Client Basic plan, you can invite up to three freelancers to submit a proposal for your job. To be able to send unlimited invites for a job post, you can upgrade it to a Featured Job for a one-time fee of $29.99.

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Jessica S Member Since: Dec 4, 2015
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This has to be one of the worst ideas I have seen Upwork implement...  so many of my clients post invite-only jobs. Only being able to invite 3 means there is a good chance one, two, or all of them won't even respond. Then what? Or... what if 2 turn out to be too expensive and the third doesn't respond?  Or... 2 turn it down and the one left isn't really as qualified as they thought? Then what? If they don't want to pay for it (and I can't see why they would) the job simply DOES NOT get filled here at Upwork and they probably won't come back. I can't even imagine how anyone thought this was "good" in some way.  It's like .... literally throwing clients away. 


Many of my clients told me they don't want a barrage of "general responses", they want to pick the people  and they should have at LEAST 5-7 invites. Nickel and diming clients will never prove to be worth it.  They will find other ways/places to find people.


Meanwhile, top rated freelancers will now get so few invites that they will invest their time in the other places they work and drop Upwork altogether.  I work almost solely off of invites. If I don't get them, I won't be here. A lose-lose situation.

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Tracye G Member Since: Sep 30, 2008
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Jessica, 100% spot on!!

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Clients have better things to do than be nickel and dimed by Upwork. 

It IS costing the freelancer in NO INVITES. I see people questioning where the invites have gone...well here is your answer!

You people are bound and determined to burn this platform to the ground!

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Jessica S Member Since: Dec 4, 2015
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@Tracye G wrote:

Jessica, 100% spot on!!

Another hair brained, insane, not thought through change being crammed down everyone's throats. 

Clients have better things to do than be nickel and dimed by Upwork. 

It IS costing the freelancer in NO INVITES. I see people questioning where the invites have gone...well here is your answer!

You people are bound and determined to burn this platform to the ground!

Yes, and should this become the norm, I will feel terrible declining invites (if I get any) knowing I am only one of three the client has. I get a lot of invites and most of them are too far below my rate. Clients often do not check this. So I decline a lot of them for rate being too low.  I imagine, that if they didn't check my rate, they didn't check anyone else's so the client will have only 3 invites to use, and all 3 freelancers may decline them. 


But the thing is... I don't mind getting a lot of invites and declining them...  sometimes I even accept invites with low rates and just put my rate in and get hired. MOST clients aren't spamming invites. Some do, but I think Upwork put a HUGE "fix" on a problem that doesn't really exist and will hurt FAR more than it helps. 



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Sanja D Member Since: Dec 18, 2013
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Agree 100%


I think Upwork is trying to make the clients pay for job postings - or, they will be able to invite only 3 freelancers. If I remember correctly, clients have to pay for featured jobs, right?

Instead of concentrating on fixing numerous bugs, Upwork is constantly "improving" the platform with  features that go from bad to disastrous...

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Isabelle Anne A Member Since: May 19, 2014
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Can you please give clients at least 5 invites each?? I understand that this move is to counteract spammy invites, but now you're going the other extreme. Is this why I've gotten no invites lately? (Except one that wanted to buy my gut health program Man Indifferent )


Please don't make life any more difficult for freelancer and clients. With all the horrible changes you've made recently, this has been the worst year for my work since I started on Upwork.

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Scott B Member Since: Nov 20, 2015
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I do not have a problem with the current invite system that has no limits. It's trivial for me to decline a job and if necessary block the client. A limit on invites does not seem to be a useful barrier and comes with more downsides than upsides. 

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Martina P Member Since: Jul 11, 2018
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@Josh L wrote:

I'm trying to invite freelancers to apply to my job listing but it says I must "For more invites, upgrade to Featured". I have only invited 2 freelancers before receiving this message. Is 2 the daily limit? This seems unusual to me.


I have verified my email and phone number.

 Ah, this explains a lot!

While it is just weird to see job postings with 50 invites - nobody can handle that many, and often these are job postings with no hire ever - 3 is too few. If I were a client I would find that annoying, it is an unneccessary restriction. 10 would be fine, IMO.

This is clearly a way for upwork to create a new revenue stream - nothing wrong with that - but there is no other benefit to either the client or the freelancer. Freelancers seldom complain about being swamped with invites, and even if they were, it takes a second to decline one, if one cares about ones responsiveness metric, or do nothing at all, if one doesn't. 

So, yep, bad idea, upwork.