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Re: released all amount to freelancer but work is not complete

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Amit R Member Since: Apr 8, 2015
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I released all the amount to freelancer in advance but work is not complete and quality of work is very poor i requesting for refund but not any response from freelancer side even not giving source file almost 1+ month over 

Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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I don't work for Upwork. Here is my opinion:


You used Upwork incorrectly. You aren't supposed to release fixed-price escrow payments until you receive and review the work.

The money is gone now.

You should not even try to get a refund. I don't think you can get it back and I think it is a waste of your time to try. The payment was sent too long ago.

Refund thinking hurts clients.

This is a prime example. You thought you might be able to get a refund, when that may not be the case at all. You would have been better off learning how to use Upwork properly.

Nor should you communicate with this freelancer any more.

You are wasting your time with this freelancer. I don't believe that the source code file is of value to you even if you receive it. This freelancer is unprofessional and is incapable of providing work at the level of quality you require.


You should learn from your mistakes and don't make those mistakes again.


Hire other people to work on this for you.