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upward charged me to much

Hey Upwork,


I cant find anywhere an email or a contact person to write too about my issue that i got overcharged for some projects i did with a freelancer.


anyone please having a contact?








Log into your Upwork account.


In the top on the right hand side, click on the Question Mark (?).


Then click on "Help and Support."


You will see options for working with Customer Support.


BUT... you might save time and get faster support by posting a brief description of your situation here. Forum Participants can help by pointing out options and providing information here.

Hi Preston,



It doesnt want to work for me. as soon as i do what you write it goes to the page for job postings and telling me i havent have any job postings open.



i dont see anything from there on that can help me with getting in contact with upwork.


the issie is that they took several times the same amounts from my account while it should have been only once from each job that the freelancer did.  the freelancer knows about the amounts and he doesnt understnd either about the payments.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Reda,


I've checked and see all the payments have been been processed properly for your contracts. I'll ask someone from our team to reach out to you directly and assist you with this concern.


Thank you so much for your help.



Reda, the fact that your contractor is as confused by this as you speaks volumes for his/her professionalism.  Good luck in getting a very speedy financial correction!

I am still waiting for someone from upwork to contact me.


I just want to clarify the invoices i have received.

Hi Reda,


An agent reached out to your on Thursday. You should have received their message at the email address you registered with Upwork or you can also access it on this page under My Requests.

~ Valeria
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