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very poor suppport response time

we use upwork because you have this app running on contractor pc that take screenshot regulalry... this allow us proove to our tax authorities when they audit our accounthing that we pay bills related to real works...


we have a dev that is unable to install your app on win8.. he open a support ticket and 48 hours later the issue is stilll not solved... 


he can not chat with support because all dev do not have access to chat due probably to cost reduction at upwork


we can not accept to have dev working offline and biling us without having proof of work done... does it mean we can not hire this dev ? does it mean we can not continue to work with upwork ?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Peter,


I'm sorry about the delay. Let me follow up with the team about your freelancer's issue.

~ Valeria

A faster solution would be to advise him windows 8 has a free upgrade to Win10. I did the upgrade and was able to retain all of my data but performed a backup just in case. The whole process took about 3 hours vs creating a ticket were nothing can be done to resolve the issue until the next software release. That could take months.


If you was my client I would make it happen.


we had been able to solve this issue with upwork tool , but we were totally on our own and this is purely not acceptable... the solution we found is to install their app while win8 is in safe mode ... let see now if that work for the long term or if this buggy app is going to break within hours and stop reporting online hours as it should ?

Peter, the app works just fine on Windows 8. Chances are your freelancer had some weird and wonderful settings, possibly related to security.


I have logged well over 8000 hours with the app, a great percentage of that on Windows 8 and 8.1 and had a grand total of 2 minor issues that may have resulted in about half an hour of lost time, if that.


The app does have issues with some OSs, Windows 8 is not one of them.

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