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waiting 6 months for freelancer to finish the job

I am desperately in need of your advice!! I hired a freelancer from China in April for a multiple platform app for a fixed price. We agreed on 1 month time. In the first month he pushed and pushed to get partly paid each time he made a small leap. He even asked me to pay him outside oDesk. I consulted this with oDesk. oDesk support informed me that its my choice and should i decide to then will refund the amount if things not go right. So i paid him in total 2500 dollar. now we 6 month down the road and i still not have my app working completely. Each time i contact him he reply me days or week after, he seems to have explanations each time, either out for party, birthday, mother in hospital, ill brother, holidays and so on... oDesk is should solve it with the freelancer but as you can see it goes no where Please what should i do?

If you pay someone a lump sum of $2500, then you're asking for problems. You should always pay little by little. Also, never handle transactions outside of the site, it goes against the rules. When it comes to fixed prices roles, unfortunately you're on your own really. Sorry.

Live and learn. You shouldn't have paid him so much. He probably can't finish the job. The money is gone and so is the time. Learn from this and move on.