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what is the profile rate?

I am looking to hire a freelancer.  What does the profile rate mean?  it is different from the proposed bid


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The profile rate is the hourly rate posted on a freelancer's profile page.

A freelancer may change thst rate at any time.


When a freelancer applies to a job posting, the freelancer may leave her profile rate alone as the bid rate. Or she may change it.


This is allowed.


Denise has her profile rate set at $10/hour.


Denise applied to a job posting to write blog articles about cats.


Denise likes to write about cats, but this posting requested a person who can write about Siamese cats.


So Denise decided to change her rate and ask for $20/hour.


The client is allowed to hire Denise at $20/hour.

Or more.


Or ask Denise to work for less than $20/hour.

Or ignore Denise's proposal entirely.

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