why no "you've already invited this freelancer" indicator?

I posted a job and marked it "for invitation only."  I then went and invited a few freelancers to apply.  I went back a day later and re-did my original search, looking for additional freelancers to invite.  Annoyingly, there was no indication as to which freelancers I had already invited.  Instead, every single freelancer's profile had the same button, "Invite to Job," regardless of whether or not I'd already invited them.  Why doesn't it say, on those I've already invited, something like, "Already Invited"?  This seems like basic functionality.


I understand that there may be more than one job I've posted, but there are ways to deal with that.  On the freelancer's profile, for example, it can say, "You've already invited this freelancer to the job XYZ."

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Seth,


This is a very interesting observation and valuable suggestion. Let me share it with the team.


Thank you.

~ Valeria

Thanks, Valeria.  Sorry, I accidentally clicked on "Accept," not knowing that meant the problem was solved.  If that's possible to undo, that'd be great.


Thanks for looking into this. 



I just saw, as on the attached, that Upwork actually DOES contain this text on the profile of someone I've already invited.  Oddly, though, the INVITE button remains green and the text is buried beneath it -- I'd never noticed it before.  It'd be nice if the button would change to clearly indicate that the person had already been invited.