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your account has been permanently deactivated

Hello, im new here and just sign up with my second email adress cause as you can read below my account has been permanently deactivated !!!

This is the email i received:


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I post a job which somehow violate the terms. I don't believe my post did that and I believe the deactivation of my account was to exctreme measure if I take into account that I was a very new member. Wouldn't be more appropriate a dead post job? Along with some explanation (highly unlikely) which I could possible discuss it further here for example? 


I could think some possible reasons of why this thing happen and I would really want to discuss them with an appropriate person from Upwork. 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Efthymios, 

I'm sorry for the delay as I had to check your account with another team. They will get in touch with you directly through your first account to assist you further with your concern. 

I apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you. 

~ Avery