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2018 is gonna be awesome!

I just posted my first job as a client and I'm very excited Smiley Very Happy Let's see how it goes. What are your plans for 2018? 

P.S : Happy New Year in advance Smiley Very Happy

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I'll learn to code. I'll be so awesome and next year this very same second I'll buy a house!

Don't correct my grammar!

That's great news Vesna Smiley Very Happy Fingers crossed Smiley Very Happy

To get my new business off the ground - actually, I am the guy dishing out the moolah, who does all the writing stuff (you know the advertising side - and anything else pertaining to hitting the keys) as well as all the businessy stuff that I am great at but hate.  Strangely the business plan was a breeze, as was getting funding. The kid needs to do the work. Mom is doing the business end. Cos why? Cos actually I am darn good at business. and with money. 


Contemplating starting another (totally different) business as well. Still thinking about it, though. 


As for et moi? Meh. I will still be doing what I always do. Hitting the keys. Cos that is what I love doing. Worked through four laptops since I started freelancing seriously. Here and privately. Already thinking about getting another one sometime this year. Why laptops? Cos you can't cart a desktop around the house, or out under a tree in the garden. That is why. OR take it with you while traveling - which I kinda do quite a lot, these days. Not that any clients are ever aware of this fact. Just spent the 2 weeks before Xmas in Cape Town - no deadlines were missed during this time. Before that, it was three weeks in KwaZulu Natal. Same old, same old. Love the freedom ye olde trusty laptops give me - except I use them up quite quickly, apparently. 

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I have a lot of plans for 2018!


Was supposed to go traveling a couple of months ago, but then had to change my plans. So I'm gonna go in March 2018 instead. Until then I'm gonna work as much as possible, to save up some more money so I can cut down on work while I'm seeing the world. 


Will start with Europe (just a bit further south than where I am now, as I have to get away from this freaking cold). Thinking maybe eastern Europe, as I haven't really been to a lot of those countries. And they are cheaper than the ones in the west, which is a plus. When the summer in Europe is over I'll go to Asia and spend maybe a couple of years there. 


Already started by letting some clients know that I will have to end our contracts in the spring, so they have plenty of time to get new freelancers to take over for me. Just keeping the best clients, that are ok with me cutting back on work. Actually letting some of my best paying clients go, as freedom, flexibility and steady work is more important to me.


So I'm very exited about 2018, and can't wait to get started on my adventure!

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