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3 simple yet effective techniques to impress clients and win repeat business.

1) Listen to EVERYTHING your client says

Nothing is more frustrating than asking someone to do a task only for them to forget.

Listen to every detail of what the client wants.
Provide it the first time.

This seems basic, but I've worked with professionals who were blown away simply because I did everything they asked without errors.

This is especially important for copywriters and other marketing experts.
Clients often don't know exactly what they want, so it's your job to listen for clues into their values, vocabulary, and selling points.

2) Communicate openly

Many clients have a lot on their plates and may not have time to check in on you.

Communicate proactively!

Offer suggestions and feedback.
This shows you're actively thinking and not just following a template.

Check in if you haven't heard in a while.
Everyone needs friendly reminders now and then.

Be honest!
Don't promise anything you can't provide.
Set realistic timeframes so you never submit rushed work.

3) Keep a positive attitude

Freelancers underestimate how impactful a good attitude is.

You don't have to force a big fake smile to do this.
Just be kind, courteous, open-minded, and attentive.

People prefer to work with positive people.
Demonstrating integrity and professionalism goes a long way.

You can beat better-qualified competitors with strong customer service skills.

I've won clients with cold emails who say they usually delete such offers. They only read mine because they could tell it was personalized and thoughtful. (A story for another time)


In short, treat every client like a $1 million customer.
Besides, you're only as good as your most recent work.

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Great post, thank you Aaron for all your tips! 



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Hey Aaron, thanks for the info and have a great day!

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Hi Aaron. Thank you for sharing! 

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Great emphasis. Thank you for sharing.

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Those 3 THREE are excellent for working. 

1. Listen to Everything.

2. Communicate Openly.

3. Keep a Positive Attitude.


those should also work in RELATIONSHIPS.

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These are excellent techniques to impress clients and win repeat business. To summarize:

  1. Listen to everything your client says, pay attention to their needs, and provide error-free work. Also, try to understand their values and selling points to offer suggestions that align with their goals.

  2. Communicate openly, proactively, and honestly. Offer feedback and suggestions, check-in frequently, and set realistic timelines to avoid submitting rushed work.

  3. Maintain a positive attitude, be kind, courteous, open-minded, and attentive. Demonstrate professionalism and integrity, and personalize your offers to stand out from the competition.

By following these simple yet effective techniques, you can build strong relationships with your clients, impress them with your work, and win their repeat business.

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