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Active member vs Power member.

What is these? Who is the best?  We not must, I guess, blame the victim of scam bait. I saw it other place near to it.


@Carlos L wrote:

What is these? Who is the best?  We not must, I guess, blame the victim of scam bait. I saw it other place near to it.

 You realize that we usually don't understand a fricking thing of what you write in those forums, do you?

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless

I do dear. I wonder about active and power members, I want know, because I am power, if I am better than active member. I can, not like You, understand well letters in my idiom with much errors, for example: yo estaba jugando, is the same understanding like: yo jugando estaba, or: estaba yo jugando. I understand like spanish, english have grammar rules but being it not at all correct is yet understanding, depends in the interpreter, is not it?

Ok, now I get it. You're just throwing random English words and put them together with no specific order nor purpose, right? Is that a game? What are the rules?

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless




That was an example, no representative the same, just like an analogy, do You understand logic?  

I was not playing, I always wrote like I could in the better way. There is no game, therefore, not rules. I met this community and I was trying interact with someone, there are here more themes and I watch it much more than just annoying someone. 

you're the type of guy girls just say "shhhhhh.. no talkie you'll ruin it."

Community Guru: Main screen turn on.
Power Member: It's you !!
Active Member: How are you gentlemen !!
Active Member: All your base are belong to us.
Active Member: You are on the way to destruction.
Power Member: What you say !!
Active Member: You have no chance to survive make your time.
Active Member: Ha ha ha ha ....
Community Guru: Captain!!


A power member has posted more times than an active contributor.




Now I am more calmy. I knew that I am better. I have not some problem with the Upwork platform in comparison with other members all fails so them answer for, I only had some doubt and now fully it get away. So,candid, thank You. 

Does anyone else suspect, at times, that we are the targets of a Troll?


I taught foreign languages to 7th- through 12th-graders for years&years&years. I know what beginners' writing looks like--how they typically construct their attempts. (My experience is based primarily on my work with Romance languages and with Germanic languages.) I am (sadly) all too familiar with my students' attempts to pass off Google Translate as their own work.


But this... This...


I. Just. Don't.


I. Mean. I. Just. Don't...


It's as if bad music lyrics were printed on a strip of linen and then passed through an old-fashioned washing-machine mangle (you know, the wringer-thing-y). Then re-passed thrugh the mangle, going the opposite direction. Then the visual results, still on the linen strip, tangled and faded, were copied into a .pdf and read aloud by a really, really bad print-to-voice program.


Human effort just doesn't come into it.




Or maybe someone just bought a couple sets of Refrigerator Magnet English Words? Mix and Match at will?


@ Janean


You are right! But I think I might adopt "calmy" as in a calmy, balmy night - or would that be a calmy, balmy Knight?

Or again, it could be a carmy, barmy knight (or night - depending on how many tequilas one has consumed)


I love English - it is so - endless . . .

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