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Advice from experienced freelancers or clients

Hi, I'm looking for an advice. I like to work as a virtual assistant, and now that I have a good rating and a good portfolio I'm planning to increase my rate but I don't know how much. I felt that $15hr (including the fee) was a good price but I feel kind of unsure about it. And, I feel like I have a huge amount of skills to offer but still I don't know if that's a good rate.


As well, I'm currently taking different courses through Udemy because I want to become videogaming developer using Unity as also a Video Game QA Tester. This is some skills that I'm planning to offer in the future but also don't know how much is the hour rate for this type of positions when you're starting in this industry.


Any suggestion is more than welcome.



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I'd say leave the rate as is on the profile. When you apply to jobs, adjust the rate in the proposal, based on requirements.

Check online what's the payment for similar jobs, for people working in an office, across USA. Just because we come from different countries than USA, we will still compete with them and we're generally expected to provide just as good results. So why woulddn't we be paid in a similar manner? We too have bills to pay and we also need to eat, just like our American competitors.


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The most relevant factor in setting your hourly rate is - yourself. 

Your rate should be

- high enough to keep you motivated,

- low enough to keep you competitive.

That's all 🙂

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