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Amazon depicted as a brutal workplace

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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People all over the world and all over America would LOVE to have a job with working conditions and pay as good as what Amazon, Walmat and Target offer. If they got these jobs they would be baffled by these criticisms.


The reason Walmart receives more criticism than other retailers is because they are the biggest retailer, not because they are a worse employer.

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Alexandra H Member Since: Jul 30, 2015
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Oh my G**! And I'm such a fan of buying at Amazon. (Had to get a spare part for my wheel barrow last week and had no luck at farmers' stores. Amazon sent it in three days.)


But, you know, have you ever worked at a department store or in an hotel? Great fun also.

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Althea Maefe S Member Since: Nov 6, 2014
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Before becoming a freelancer, I have only worked for one industry here in the Philippines: The Call Center Industry.


The two longest stays I had were with an American TV provider and a New Zealand ISP.


While I was reading the article the days I have with the first company I mentioned came back to me. We were paid above average salary than most centers offer and call centers typically pays more than other jobs here. I don't know what you guys think when you say 8-hour shift, here, 8 hours means 8 hours of logged time and lunches do not count. So having an hour worth of lunch break means I stay at the office for at least 9 hours (we are advised to come 15 minutes before the shift for start-of-day meets and setting up our desks, we don't have our own desks so you have to login every time and set up your software and tools,) aside from that, we were asked to render 2-4 hours more everyday, could be before or after our regular shift, we are also being asked to come even on out day offs, we normally get 2 day offs a week and imagine looking forward to relaxing for 2 days, but you have to go back to the office on the sixth day to render "half-day" which is 4-5 hours. On top of that, I live away from the metro. It's normally an hour's drive but due to traffic conditions I have to allot 2-hours if I expect to arrive at the office on time. 


The KPIs were not an easy feat as well. It was achievable due to too much coaching, meetings and generally scaring people to reach the scores in order to keep their jobs. Imagine getting a call for Customer Service, technical support and Advanced Technical Support whilst keeping the Average handle time of 5-minutes. It is hard to talk gramma into fixing here receiver,explaining the bill, getting her to understand why she can't watch her show on a channel that is not with us anymore and sell her something that she don't need anyway in under 5 minutes and still receive a sterling feedback. And the sad part is, you prefer having gramma on the phone than an angry customer screaming bloody murder, I get 3 out 10 angry customers on the phone. And we need to be able to talk to an average of 60 people in a day in order to reach the passing AHT.


You are always tired and under stress. The management tries to come up with things to lift people's morale. I still see people whom I know that are still with that company. And it is pretty rewarding to receive awards and such under all that. But in the end, it made me recognize quality, perform under pressure and understand how things go in the corporate world: Only numbers matter.


The last company I worked with before signing up on oDesk was an ISP in New Zealand and things were so lax there that it took me a few months to adjust to the working style, I earned considerably lower compared to the first company I mentioned but the office was really close to where I live (just 45 minutes away) I then noticed that a very relaxed environment does not always invite excellence. People showed up and only wanted to perform "just right| cuz, you know, all's good."


I would have gone back to a call center after I resigned when a relative died, I recieved a few good offers then; I only initially wanted to earn from oDesk as a part time thing but I immediately loved the way I work. LOL.

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Irene B Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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My desk is a brutal workplace, and my boss a slavedriver!