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Are Bidding Wars prelude to social credit system?

Observing the phenomenon of Bidding Wars for some time I noticed the increased heated debate and quarells are on the high rise among the freelancers themselves. It all seems like some kind of testing, how people react when you take them what they just get used to, how they behave, will they comply with this and that new stupid rule or feature, what are the boundaries of their ignorance, will they transform into what you want them to transform. Those who comply are promised rewards, they will be regarded better, they will be recommended, but those who don't comply and don't want to transform, they will be removed in some way - either shadowbanned in recommendations or in some other way chased away. This so much resembles social credit system, so I would be interested to hear do others have the same feeling - is this the prelude to social credit system implementation in your opinion? Since, so many people just comply with anything really, they always find some excuse for themselves to comply, so why wouldn't they comply with social credit system as well? Maybe also to introduce some digital currency, so no one really gets real money anymore, only credits and currency you can't spend as you want, but as you are required.

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It is important to note that Bidding Wars, while they may involve competition among freelancers for jobs, do not necessarily have a direct connection to a social credit system. Bidding Wars are a market phenomenon in which supply and demand forces determine the value of labor. The concept of a social credit system, on the other hand, involves the use of data to evaluate an individual's behavior and determine their access to certain resources, such as credit or government services. While there may be some overlap in the use of data and evaluation, the goals and mechanisms of these two systems are fundamentally different. Furthermore, there is currently no evidence to suggest that Bidding Wars are being used as a testing ground for a social credit system. While it is true that companies and governments are increasingly using data to evaluate individuals and shape their behavior, it would be premature to assume that this is the end goal of Bidding Wars. It is important to remain vigilant and aware of how data is being used in our society, but we should also avoid drawing premature conclusions or making unfounded assumptions about complex systems.

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If Upwork was being paid to do market testing for a social credit system, I don't think they would still be in the red.

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Would you guys work for anything other than real money? I am pointing to all the digital currencies and stuff?

They are just as real as other government currencies. It is value ascribed to a token (whether digital or physical).

Yeah, but they are way way harder to access, have way more obstacles in usage, wide spread usage - essentially, people are not givinig them importance someone would like. Cash is still by far the most practical, since cash doesn't ask who you are or what you stand for - you have cash to pay the price, you get what you need without any further questions.

Digital currencies remind me of govt issued papers back in Yugoslavia time (I am Slovenian by ethnicity, my parents moved to Macedonia while we were in federation), I am old enough to remember them - govt suffered bad inflation and issued papers that were replacement for money and those papers were given to people instead of paychecks and people used it to buy necessities. There were quotes how many you can get, for what type of goods you can use them, really terrible time. In that time, whoever had foreign cash reserves was considered rich as millionaire. That is why I still mostly use cash.

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