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Are You Upskilling to In-demand Skills?

The world is rapidly changing due to generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, Bard, and Jasper. What are you doing to upskill to in-demand skills so you remain revalent to clients?

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Hi, William. It's an important topic. As for me. I have been upskilling in my professional areas such as BIM technology. However, I only prepare a schedule to learn about Jasper and AI. I hope it's taken a little time to learn and use.

Hi Dmytro,


Thanks is great that you have been upskilling in BIM and learning about Jasper and AI!


I continually am upgrading my skills also. It doesn't appear any of us have a choice if we want to remain revelant.

William, are you upskilling entirely based on self-study, self-guided courses, or through a tutoring course? Any suggestions that you could give on what resources one could rely on for upskilling in AI?



Self-study via YouTube, articles, Coursera, short Microsoft / Google generative AI certifications, and my client's give me plenty of on the job training.

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Plz Explain that what are you say I don't understand it .



Please complete your Profile and click the Academy link on the top of this page for success tips. Start by placing a real photo up; not AI generated.

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I have been using AI like Chatgpt, Leonardo.ai etc to help me in brainstorming process as a graphic designer.


Also I keep on trying to improve my skills and learning other relevant skills too.





Do you use Midjourney also?

No. Still haven't shifted to paid tools. Free tools are doing fine. Leonardo is a powerful tool too for image generation.

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Adapting to AI-driven changes is crucial. I'm continuously upskilling by learning about AI tools and their applications. Staying relevant means offering clients the best of both worlds - human expertise alongside AI-driven solutions



What are your favorite AI tools?

Chat GPT for sure, and Midjourney for visuals

I tended not to like Midjourney too much because it seemed to have an AI generated feel about it. Your thoughts?

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I am a designer, AI can replace partly but not totally

Tural Babashov



The best approach is to use generative AI for your projects for better and quicker client outcomes.

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