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Are you listen music while working !, If yes which

For me Yes, I cannot work without music, I have various collection from instrumental to pop, I enjoyed coke studio all the time.


Which one you guys prefer to listen ? 

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I work listening to musi as well; cover piano pop it depends on the mood, really

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I usually listen to podcasts


Hi Ravi,


That's interesting. I've heard of Coke studio and will check it out. 


I listen to music while working as well. 🙂 Jazz, Bossa Nova, and Lofi playlists seem to help with my productivity. 

~ AJ

Hey Annie, 


You have awsome choice of music, I also like Lofi in baground like you. 



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Always.  **Edited for Community Guidelines**


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For the confused ... I posted a link to an internet radio station that is free to stream, has no ads but does ask for donations. So "commercial"? I guess that's the "Guideline" I broke.


Anyway, it plays a variety of music from many decades, styles and countries. I get to hear familar tunes and some music that's new-to-me. And I don't have to think about it, just turn it on.

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I listen to a variety of music. Mostly instrumental music, piano music, white noise, and sometimes I'll even play some video game music. I usually don't listen to vocal songs, but I think I will give it a go someday.

Hey Jared, well I prefer to play instrumental when I want to keep myself calm and little away from social media, It helps me to be reenergize again. 

You have good choice !.

Thank you!

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I usually ramp up MoistCr1TiKaL's funny commentaries or my local internet radio.

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Pop, rock and classical ❤️


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Oh, yes. But sometimes I love to listen to spiritual discussions as well!

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I generally do not listen to music while working, but if I need to focus or block out distractions, I'll put on some classical music or instrumental jazz.

Mian, That's the power of music, It makes you happy, attentive and focused. The music has power to heal. Great choice!. Keep listening.

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Yes, I love it! I prefer high-frequency music that increases my creativity, and intelligence and tones my brain.

Hey Dalva, You have good a choice, Great !. 

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