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#AtomicHustle: The Law of the Short Straw - Sometimes we find ourselves the underdog and...

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John L Member Since: Dec 10, 2020
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#41 The Law of the Short Straw – Sometimes, we find ourselves the underdog and we have to give it all we have.


Hertz was the first nationally known car rental company, Avis was second. Avis came up with an innovative marketing campaign when they launched their “We Try Harder.” It’s good to be first, but first doesn’t always mean the best. I’ve been writing since 1995. Nineteen books later, a bestseller, and I’m still at it. I’ve written for newspapers, magazines, blogs, email marketing campaigns; you name it. I was new to UpWork last year and found out that my years of experience meant a lot, but it did not guarantee that I would land every project I proposed. I had to work at. I had to find ways to work harder than other freelancers. I’m glad to say the effort paid off. If you’re new to UpWork, hang in there. You’ll make it.


How are you handling ramping things up on UpWork? What has been responsible for your success? Share your hacks with other up and coming freelancers.


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