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Bogus Job Posts

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Charles F Member Since: Apr 5, 2021
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How can I remove bogus   job posts from my feeds?  The same   bogus post continuouly shows up , I reported it and it still shows up eveytime I   search.

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Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Charles,


I can recommend adding or resetting your saved search results so that you`re receiving the most relevant jobs on your job feed.
Once you`ve searched for a skill, industry, or keyword you can further refine the results by using our filters. Once you`re done, click on the green button to save the search result. To learn more about this click here. Thank you.

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Mikko R Member Since: Dec 26, 2015
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Charles, first I thought I'd suggest not looking at the job feed at all and rely on invitations instead, but then I remembered that job with decent description but almost 3,000 invitations. 🤣

So, I cannot offer any real solution. Just suck it up, I guess, if Bojan's tips didn't do the trick. 😆

I think there will be no real solution to this problem as long as job posts are not screened (which would produce a number of other problems).

So, let's call this a Wicked Problem (pls google this term) that we have to live with. Just try to avoid it.