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Broadcasting While Still Transcribing/Proofreading

Yeah, the concept of the title - it's pretty hard. No, I haven't slept since Friday night and won't until at least tonight (it's Sunday). This isn't exactly healthy. But I'm starting out, and I've got to do what I've got to do to get where I need to be. I'm becoming a sort of variety show on YouTube. It makes complete sense - or will once you get to know me through a few of my broadcasts. My life is almost unbelievable, but I'm still just right here, barely eeking by and trying to get disability for my plethora of health issues now including ankylosing spondylitis, metabolic syndrome, and a pseudotumor in my brain. You know that sound that a television makes when it's on but nothing else is running to it? Amplify that, and I hear that noise all the time. It's distracting. I also have adult onset ADHD that is aggravated by the brain fog that comes with ankylosing spondylitis.

I apply and apply on this site and job boards, but to no avail. Nobody is interested in me who could actually hire me for jobs that I actually want, which are in voiceover work. I have the ability, but apparently not the knowhow. I'm just going for it in the broadcasting world, but until I hit 1000 subscribers on my YouTube channel with the Magenta Vocal Lifestyle (I think I'm at a whopping 11 now?) and get something monetized, I have no choice but to keep working with my transcribing job, much to my ongoing frustration.

But I'm going to keep going. It's a good outlet for me. Since I didn't really get into doing the whole social media thing a whole lot before, I am really coming out of my shell in a way that is helping me to apply myself to my own reality, because even before COVID hit, I was virtually homebound. Between anxiety from my mental health and anxiety from my pain leaving me stranded somewhere, I have had constant issues going out since about the summer of 2019 until I started broadcasting. Granted, it was only about half a year after receiving my ankylosing spondylitis diagnosis and three months after starting my biologic, but I'm really making progress toward feeling more like a real person again, even though I am expressing myself through a different persona for my channel. I do not fail to grasp the irony there.

I needed to develop some content, and now that I have, I've created a Patreon page. I'm hoping I'm allowed to include the link in my teaser. I know I wasn't allowed to post my YouTube link. I don't think it follows community standards, but I didn't see anything about Patreon, so I figured it's worth a shot, right? I offer subscriptions on three tiers that I call The Levels, and I even have ways to collaborate there. I try to convey a quirky, fun sense about my pages so that people can always get the sense of enjoying themselves while engaging themselves with me. I feel like it's all a step in the right direction. But I also haven't slept in about 40 hours now. I'm going to be an outright circus here in another hour or two...

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It sounds like you're going through a lot and trying to make the most of what you have. It's important to take care of yourself and not push yourself too hard, especially when it comes to sleep deprivation. It's also important to seek help for your health issues and not rely solely on disability benefits or online work. Regarding your YouTube channel and Patreon page, it's great that you're finding an outlet for your creativity and engaging with others. However, be careful about promoting your links and content in inappropriate places, as it may violate community standards and harm your online presence. It's important to follow guidelines and build your audience organically through consistent, quality content. It's admirable that you're persevering despite challenges and pursuing your passions. Keep taking care of yourself and seeking opportunities for growth and success. ðŸ‘

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Yes, I definitely face many challenges. Believe it or not, I'm running on a second wind and am still relatively functional. for now. I don't do the overnight deprivation frequently, but regular nights, my head doesn't hit my pillow for longer than about five hours, six tops. I am not sure what you mean by seeking help for my health issues, unless you mean doctors? But you can't go on a biologic without a specific one (mine is a rheumatologist), I see a neurologist for my brain stuff, a psych for my mental health, and my primary physician for my chemistry issues. I just wasn't trying to ramble or overshare because I do that and I never know if it's my anxiety or my ADHD, but there ya go... ðŸ˜‰

I have looked and looked through the community standards, and I can't find for the life of me where posting my links go against those, but both times, the links have been edited out of my posts by admin. I'd totally follow the rules if I could find them! I can understand the YouTube one because it runs the risk of a copyright violation, but my Patreon page is all original content. I make my own music, podcasts, videos, etc., and I edit it all on my own as well.

By the way, I've taught myself how to do the editing bit within the past couple weeks, and I'm still learning video editing through the platforms. For example, as recently as today, I learned to add an ending to a YouTube video that will add my most recently posted video to load next and an option to subscribe. I've seen that on some videos, but I had no idea that you actually do that through YouTube itself! I felt like my mother discovering Facebook! ðŸ¤£

Thank you so much for your kind words! I feel heard and encouraged by you!



It sounds like you're dealing with a lot of challenges and managing them as best you can. It's great that you're seeing doctors for your health issues and taking care of yourself. Regarding the community standards and posting links, it's possible that the links you posted were removed because they were seen as self-promotion, which may go against the community standards of some platforms. It's always a good idea to review the rules of the platform you're using and make sure you're following them. If you're not sure about something, you can always reach out to the platform's support team for clarification. It's impressive that you're teaching yourself new skills like video editing and creating original content. Learning new things can be challenging, but it can also be very rewarding. Keep up the good work.

I'm glad that I could make you feel heard and encouraged. If you ever need to talk or have any questions, feel free to ask me anything. ðŸ˜‰

Oh, no self promotion posts. I'm not certain if I already knew that, but that just did not clunk into place for me. Thank you. Man, oh, man, I'm glad you said that because I do NOT think I would have gotten there on my own! ðŸ¤£ðŸ¤£

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