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Capitalizing AI video making?

Hi, i'm new to this platrorm.

I've developed somewhat of an expertize in AI video making based on Stable Warpfusion and wondering if anyone has advice on how to capitalize on this.

Also In case you have success on making money with AI video i'd be super eager to hear any advice on possible routes one could take.

I'm not keen on delving into NSFW. 

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Dear Maker,

Sounds Good, you are new here. No problem. Upwork is the best platform for a talent. I will advise you should go to academy and complete learning path, then you can understand everything clearly. Then you find your job y using search bar. Hope you success quickly. 

Thank you

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It's going to be more difficult soon to make money on that type of service because Microsoft just announced today that next week Microsoft copolit comes out and soon Google's Bard will also be out with simple tools that perform these types of functions for free.

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