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City or Village?

Community Guru

If my online business keeps going on well in the next period, I'm seriously thinking about leaving the city (where I do some offline business too) and operate my online business from the village.


Not only the nature is great there, but everything is much cheaper & you can barely hear any noise which means you can be more productive and focus better at work - beside of course those lovely birds singing everyday in the morning.


Where do you run your business from? And what's the advantage/disadvantage of running it from where you are. Please share your opinions and help me make the right decision.


Best regards,


P.S. Elance/oDesk kids: leave my post clean. I don't wanna have all my posts closed by Garnor/Valeria only because you haven't spent your childhood as you should.

Community Guru



I love cities and towns and I suppose I could work from anywhere, but every day, I look out at a beautiful, gentle view of fields. My (tiny) house is perfectly situated and is light and sunny. The air is clean and I am only a convenient 10-minute walk away from a quite large supermarket; and in another direction, a 15-minute walk from a picturesque medieval village and canal.


I don't feel I am missing out on anything, and now (in spite of toying with the idea of Canada to be near my family), I don't think I want to live or run my business from anywhere else. 

Very similar to myself, except your neighbours dine on delicate pates and crepes while mine eat Schnitzel. But I have fields, a flat in an old watermill and a constant supply of small dead things lovingly delivered to my desk by the cat.

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.― George Orwell

Now we know the source of your success, Nichola!

Community Leader

I like the sound of this village Wassim. Is there room for a little one?

There's always room, Scott. You only need to live with the idea that nobody is going to screaming "wow" when viewing your produced videos because almost everyone there is a farmer, and the most thing they care about is their fat cow licking your suit behind of you 😄

Community Guru

I don't live in the city. I live in the burbs, but "village" makes me think of dialup internet, cleaning my own house, no pizza delivery, and nobody to mow my lawn. This is a problem.



I haven't thought about Pizza... That's some big deal to me. I know this keeps belly fat but who cares when you've done an amazing job and the only thing left on earth to fill your cravings is PIZZA!

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I prefer city life than village where everything is in your reach. 


If you are satisfy with your work & earning so wherever you are, does not matter. If you are happy inside and feeling that you heart is light. There is no burden on it. You are super human. 



Thanks Abed. I also like the city because everything is easily accessible. However, living here in the city is quite expensive and Beirut is among the most expensive cities in our region so that's why I am thinking to move. Otherwise, it's an amazing city.

Community Guru

This is what I see everyday out my window. I live in the country. Town is only 12 miles away and I do have neighbors but my small acerage gives me so peace and quiet.





Wow this is an amazing place. I bet I wouldn't ever get mad if I lived there. 


Where is this place, Susanne?



I live in Southern Oregon, which is down by the California Border.


We have mild winters, beautiful fall and spring and hot summers. It is dry heat though so not as bad as if you lived in a place which is humid.



Community Leader

Here's me. Well for the next couple of weeks anyway. Been housesitting for a couple of months...



This is so nice. Where is it?

Beeuuuutiful - you can at least tell us what country it is in.

South of Spain. I can see Africa on a clear day.  

This is stunning. I bet you mean Morocco then... 

Well yeah, but it sound more impressive if you can see a different continent!

Ahhh I feel bad for ruining your joy. Please kill me so I can feel better. LOL.

re: "where is this place, Susanne?"


No, not just "southern Oregon."


...What is the actual street address? Some of us have our bags packed and we're just waiting for directions.