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City or Village?

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Scott E Member Since: Feb 24, 2015
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"...there are houses and stuff, and people can drive to shops, or further into the town, and get stuff to live on."


It's a futuristic world we're living in Stephen! Smiley Wink

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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@Stephen B wrote:

bothar chuil na hearagail, or the Back of Errigal road, in northwest Donegal, Ireland. OK, nobody actually lives there (within 5 miles or so)...But further down the road there are there are houses and stuff, and people can drive to shops, or further into the town, and get stuff to live on. You can even buy pizza in the shops...and if you're really stuck, they can cook the pizza in the shop for you


So nobody dies there   Man Indifferent

This is totally unacceptable. All places to live must have Papa Johns delivery. Anything else should be considered unlivable. 

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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Case in point...


It's raining here and I want a cheeseburger. Ordered cheeseburger that will be at my door soon. This is pretty much very necessary.

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Oreofe J Member Since: May 8, 2015
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@Preston : Re If any of you enjoy......


At 118F ??!! Thanks but no thanks.

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MERCY N Member Since: May 6, 2015
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"...and operate my online business from the village".


Wassim, there are villages and there are villages. I had the same mindset as you when I relocated to my village from the capital some years back and I agree with you the fresh air is like nowhere else and foodstuff is much cheaper. The scenery? A natural beauty.  And I add, people are friendly too.


But then again, in my village, sometimes they are too friendly - want to come and say hi to you as a good welcome gesture; and not in your 1st week or 1st month of arrival, but it flows onto your 12th month there.


* You think you can tell a fellow villager give me a break now, got work to do? No way! That would be callous and word would spread like bushfire to villages over the hills around. In the city, telling someone don't come to idle at my place I've got work to do is as easy as swallowing saliva - and they won't take offence. And people normally don't drop in unannounced.


* Your taste buds will have to undergo a radical change as your relatives (in my village everyone around seems to be a relative in one way or the other) take it upon themselves to visit with ready food (their choice; so forget the pizza) And you are obligated to accept it. 1st day you are happy it has saved you some cooking, but when it develops to a kind of competition amongst your new neighbors to see who is becoming closer to you faster, you get exhausted. And you feel trapped as your parents who are usually, by default, in the village explain to you how much the villagers love you and you cannot afford to ignore them.... 


Anyway, the point is, village settings vary a lot and my village still carries the original notion of a village - culture and all. Here people cannot see how you can make money by looking at a computer all day long. To them you are just idling and talking some gibberish to cover it up.


 Well, I'm not back in the city but I'm at least out of the village; living within the local town and getting the better of both worlds - diminished pollution; cheaper stuff; and re-instated privacy.

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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I love the way you write Mercy.

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MERCY N Member Since: May 6, 2015
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Thanks Nichola!Woman Happy


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Wassim T Member Since: May 29, 2015
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Absolutely agree with Nichola. So amazing and unique style... Keep it up, Mercy! 

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MERCY N Member Since: May 6, 2015
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Thanks Wassim. I'm humbled.

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Sandra T Member Since: Nov 26, 2014
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I live in a city with 500k people, 15 minutes by bike from the city center... but very well hidden behind a green wall :


desk view.jpg



But I can relate to the city vs. village question...we've been looking at houses on the city outskirts for about a year now, but none of them "clicked"...more out of fun, we looked at one last week that is a 1 hour drive away from the city... and this one might just be it, it's actually kind of perfect (and we've been busy investigating and discussing all sorts of details). However, it's a tiny village of 150 people, and even though that fact is somewhat irrelevant from a certain perspective, it does freak me out a little at the same time...Smiley Tongue