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Connects & Job Worthiness

I have seen a job that requires 6 connects to submit a proposal. The job itself is a fixed price job for $10 (I think) that requiers an "expert" freelancer. I believe that upwork charges 6 connects for any jobs that requires an expert freelancer.


Do you think this is a good calculation, especially for a less priced job? I believe upwork should also consider this when deciding the connects required for a job. Otherwise no one is going to apply for that job and clients will have a hard time finding a talent.

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These jobs are specially made for people who are desperate to boost they account rating. Not sure if this organized by same agency or some other exploit, but if you track, some of these jobs get instantly picked up.

Propaply the same guy posting job from secondary account than finishing it almost perfectly. It needs to be almost lowest possible amount ( 5$ ) so he pays little for the account boost as upwork tax.


It's funny because if you make a quick estimation, there is no possible work that would be worth 5$. I mean, even if I chat couple of hours with the client is already more than 5$. Even if I already have the project done and simply need to copy paste it, the upwork tax, transfer tax, conversion tax, time spent, connects spent ... would never be worth it unless someone is rating farming.


This has been oing on for years now. Upwork does not seem to care about it though. Honest guys take another punch in the face

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