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Conspiracy around, obsessed with True Detective

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Alright, my dilemma started when I was thinking in one my beautiful working days about the brand itself and several legitimate questions came up in my mind, according to the following pieces of evidence: 




According to the online tool that I use to check the PR (page rank) for a certain website, is still 0/10, can somebody confirm that? Also taking into account that the domain is this old:, are there chances for someone to have bought the domain by then and kept it parked until the new brand fusion came up?


Elance has been in the market since 1999 so there is a 3 years gap almost, during which some people thought buying several domains that will pertain to the future of the company?


2. Why is older than




After a simple whois for domain, we can see several interesting facts about the domain itself. Afterwards I found out that Matt Serlin is the VP of the company that firstly acquired His LinkedIn profile seems pretty vague.


MarkMonitor has this catchphrase: MarkMonitor Protects the World's Leading Brands. Nonetheless, Upwork is not featured amongst them.


4. On top of that here is the whois for


Why the domain registrant is still anonymous for oDesk Inc.?


Consequently, what was the trade between these two companies?

Who thought firstly to acquire Upwork, as it's not such a common brand name?

Why MarkMonitor doesn't get featured anywhere?

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There's not really anyhting out of the ordinary there. 


1. That's got to be wrong. If you put 'freelancing websites' in Google and Upwork comes up on the fornt page, then a 0/10 score is prety unlikely.


2. Becuase the address was registed before oDesk. Somebody thought of the name, for whatever reason, and then resgitered it. 


3. Upwork probably wouldn't be in the list of the world's leading brands because it's not one of the world's leading brands!


4. It's not uncommon to not have an individual listed as the registrant. What if they leave the company a week or two later, what if they don;t want spam letters and emails addresses to them personally etc etc?



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Toolbar PR hasn't updated since December 2013, so it's a useless metric. Any SEO who plays on PR is a fraud.


John Mueller confirmed that it's unlikely that it will be updated again. They still keep PR internally, but it's no longer a public metric.