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Covid 19

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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Mary W wrote:

Got my second shot yesterday.  No reaction at all so far. Perhaps I got the placebo. 


The vaccine I am testing has been released in the UK and India.  It doesn't need super refrigeration and it's quite inexpensive compared to the other two that are out so it's perfect for a country like India.


Meanwhile, one of my sons tested positive (2 out of 3 tests), quarantined appropriately, but never had a single symptom, thank God. What a strange disease.


I'm so pleased your son has no symptoms - even more pleased he quarantined. Covid is weird and is becoming weirder. The UK is bending under the new strain - the two new strains - which have reached other countries in Europe. With your second shot, you will be safe. The discussion now is the length of time before getting the booster. Stay safe despite the vaccine. 



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Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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My son works in a medical office.  After his diagnosis, he had to report online daily to the state of Wisconsin, with his symptoms.  He had to do the same thing daily with the large healthcare corporation that he works for.  I wonder if not having symptoms would affect whether he can get it again but I believe he will get the vaccination soon no matter what.

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Bill H Member Since: Aug 18, 2017
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Mary, thank you for participating in the trials. Without you and hundreds of thousands of others like you we'd be nowhere. The Astra-Zeneca vaccine differs from Moderna and Pfizer in that it's a much more traditional vaccine. It uses an adenovirus to carry a snipped of the COVID9 virus and enter the cell, necessary to stimulate the immune system. It is probably very safe.


It has two drawbacks the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines don't share: If you have been infected earlier with adenovirus, there's a chance you'll have antibodiies that will kill it before it can deliver the snippet to the cell. Much more likely in men over 50 than women of any age. Also, adenoviruses produce symptoms nearly identical to COVID19 at the beginning, so the patient may undergo needless worry.


I've been hesitant to post on the pandemic; two former friends have cut me off for (1) disagreeing with experts at WHO about the disease (I was right), and (2) saying that the disease was serious but no reason for panic, which the former friend said meant I was trying to downplay it. I'm one of the few former physicians on UW and have decided people can choose to read what I write or not. Best of luck, and thanks again.

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Shariful S Member Since: Nov 13, 2019
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Thanks for the contribution dear. Live long. Heart