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Crazy Job Postings Part II

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Jarrad C Member Since: Apr 27, 2019
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Maybe he spent that year at Hogwarts? Wingardium Leviosa!

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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Jarrad C wrote:

Maybe he spent that year at Hogwarts? Wingardium Leviosa!


Lol - Smiley Very Happy


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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Hope springs eternal.


As a client, I have often said that it would be awesome if I could actually find miraculous freelancers like these clients hope to find, who will do the work for the rates these clients hope to pay.


I would not hesitate to take advantage of that.


But that isn't the real world.


For a client who hopes to do this:

The problem is not that it is "unethical."

The problem is that it is not possible.

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Sheila F Member Since: Apr 6, 2017
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Haven't seen one like this in a while,


"We require a Facebook+Instagram Clone ... The Functionalities and View should exactly be same"

No budget given, looking for an Expert.

Project Length: less than a month


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Marc C Member Since: Apr 21, 2021
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Right now, "I ran Google speed test and it says my site is slow due to unnecessary JS and CSS. Fix it for 16€ and do it real quick. " And asking for an expert.


That's about all the info there is. But hey, you must be an expert able to do it real quick for peanuts money and with no information about how big the site is. Simple job.

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Mary Suzanne C Member Since: Jun 2, 2021
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Saw one a few days ago that was basically looking for someone to do their kid's homework because the child was just "too lazy." But they didn't want it overdone with A-level work, a B would be fine.  


My own kid recommended that I do his homework once. I laughed and laughed. Then I took away his video games and laughed some more. 

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Courtney C Member Since: Jun 12, 2021
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I saw someone the other day who wanted a voice actor/social media manager to catch his girlfriend cheating on him. Basically, wanted someone to pretend to be a hot guy and catfish his girlfriend to see if she'd reply. He advertised $200 an hour, but that felt like dirty money Smiley LOL