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Re: Create a committee of Upwork employees, Site Users and Site Employers

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Chris M Member Since: Jan 7, 2018
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Discussion Points.
1. The posting would require a target start date. From experience outside of Upwork, it is standard procedure for Recruiters to post positions they hear may be being posted. They archive the resumes and when/if the job is posted by the employer the recruiter then responds. With connects, Fishing as it was once called can cost a potential worker $ (connects).


On Upwork money is indeed a consideration in these cases but also thinking a position is available and waiting for a response or for the posting to expire can be a long process. A target start date would help the applicant to have some idea on when/if the position is to be filled. It may also give persons pause before positing positions they do not have an intention of filling.


2. Create a new category for posters who are only looking to see who is available for an interview for a future position,  no connects required.


3. Have the posting clearly state the posters position  Hiring Manager,  Recruiter, Agency.

4. There is a posting now which has the same format as e.g., DICE postings. Additionally, the payment is not verified and yet Upwork has it marked as interesting. The questions that are being asked for the proposal to be submitted do not all apply to the Software experience being requested. I cannot be sure but I believe it is a recruiter and not a hiring manager. Which returns us to the original mention of this post, Fishing.

I have flagged postings in the past and they remained on the site until expiration. Thank You for your time. ^Chris

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Jennifer R Member Since: Sep 15, 2017
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I think you are missing something. People working through Upwork are freelancers not employees and we have clients not employers.

From the posts we see in the forum it is pretty safe to say that any job involving a Hiring Manager or Recuiter is a scam.

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Chris M Member Since: Jan 7, 2018
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I recently finished an Upwork position of 3 years.  I was approached, interviewed and hired by HR and the hiring manager.    They had hired multiple freelancers from Upwork.



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Douglas Michael M Member Since: May 22, 2015
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That experience is an anomaly. That is not generally how this marketplace works. As Jennifer points out, we are independent contractors. Another way of putting that is: we are small businesses. It is on us, not on Upwork, to do our own searching for, vetting of, and presentation to clients, and to arrange scope of work and contract terms to our satisfaction before accepting an offer.

Successful contractors here do not “wait” for anyone. We bid. We respond to invitations. We repeat, until we have a satisfactory schedule of work. Future offers from clients have to be fit into that schedule, or told “Sorry, I’m booked until…”

Again, granting all validity to your personal experience, in the vast majority of cases discussed here, and in the personal experience of many of us, references to hiring managers are indeed a red flag. At best, that’s an indication that you are unlikely to ever actually speak to the end client; at worst, that is a ploy to manipulate newbies into straying from Upwork best practices and into undervaluing and underselling their skills.