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Dark theme

We need a dark theme for upwork it's so bright at night :D :D 


copy and paste this URL: chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark
change Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents to "Enabled with selective inversion of non-image elements"

you can use extenstion, like this for Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dark-reader/eimadpbcbfnmbkopoojfekhnkhdbieeh

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Try notifying the moderator by clicking the three dots in the right-hand upper corner. The drop-down menu has an option for notifying the moderator. However, don't expect anything to change. In the meantime,  I use Dark Reader and it works well.

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Totally agree, dark theme would be really nice to have as an option!

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Yes, it will be helpful. But on Firefox and Chrome, we can use a "Dark mode" extension.

But it would be nice to have on the app

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It has been longer than 3 years now, still no dark mode, and there were major changes in the UI. Common Upwork, we are still counting on this... 

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Where can I find a dark theme option?

That’s the best part, you can’t

It's hidden in the shadows.

Use Dark Reader.

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I don't understand why changing fonts and menu shape every year is more important for Upwork than the dark mode which users are already asking for 3 years. 
Are there any news from the team?

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AMAZINGLY, Upwork has gone in the opposite direction of this request this past month. Since this thread has an official solution that is specific to the Chrome browser (although other browsers, especially Chromium-based ones, have similar workarounds) and does not cover the app, I'm posting a link to a recent, unsolved thread that will hopefully get more attention for this renewed issue.


Dark mode - If ever you are passing my way. 

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We are looking for a dark theme on Upwork. Please Upwork developers you should create a dark theme and allow us to switch to dark and light as well. I only use a dark version of every single website because the light theme is not good for my eye when I focus on the light theme then it's destroying my eyes and it makes a pain in my head as well so that is why I use a dark theme.



Syed Ahmed

Hi Syed,


We truly appreciate your feedback and suggestions. This will definitely help us improve our service. I'll make sure to pass this over to the appropriate team for review and hopefully consider it. We'll let all members know if there's an update on the system. 


~ Arjay

We have been asking for a dark theme for years. I use Dark Reader and it works very well. I recommend using that program.

Hi Syed, please use a filter software package to make your web surfing darker. Thanks!

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What a savage!  

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Hi Upwork Community.
As someone whom is online 14 hours a day in a dark, secluded and industrial room filled with gadgets and gizmos to make my daily existence possible. I still am shocked when I open the Upwork page and my hobbit hole of an environment is showered with so much white light, I think I have moved on to the next phase of life.

When is Upwork going to offer a standard feature that even the cheapest websites have included to make those nightly visits to the website not raise red flags to anyone else in the room?

Please community rise up and assemble so we are heard - I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

I use the brave browser which has a great force darkmode theme... works well. Of course the app is killing me with its super brightness at times

Yes, I also have used this feature but it flips the color pallet so much the website design is affected and looks like I need to get my eye site checked for color blindness.


its not perfect...but the best way for me. yeah I might get color issues LOL

I appreciate this tip. I'll have to play around with the different modes that the feature uses. I wish Brave made it a bit easier to locate their experimental features. Just turned on the "enabled with selective inversion of everything". Any experience with the differences between the modes?

Though Upwork should work on the Dark Mode feature you shouldn't work in the dark. It is very harmful to your health.

Upvoting because the website has trended whiter and brighter these past few weeks. I want to shut down the tab as soon as the website opens!! Same with the app! And I use powerful blue-light blocking glasses (Gunnar brand, highly recommend). I don't even want to attempt looking at the website without them on.

I am personally a fan of Grayscale mode, which makes it very easy on the eyes (all Black and White).  I keep my iPhone on black & White mode 90% of the time.  That helps me with great quality sleep and makes my phone boring so it tends to reduce my screen time.  I wrote an **Edited for Community Guidelines**


Windows has a color filter mode that you can quickly turn on/off using Windows + CTRL + C shortcut.  




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There seems to be a number of topics on the lack of a dark theme for Upwork, some of the threads going back years. There are moderators stating that it's been 'mentioned' to 'someone' . . . yet nothing ever happens. I do my best work in the middle of the night but looking at Upwork is intolerable. . .


I don't want to use browser hacks or addons. Every website or app that caters to the IT crowd has a dark theme, ALL of them, it's a no-brainer to offer a dark theme option for IT professionals. . . Yet Upwork can't even provide this most basic, trival option.


Why, I wonder?

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Quite simply it is because it doesn't matter to upwork's revenue. They don't earn from it or goodwill. All they want is hard cash.

They've implemented significant changes to the UI in the past 6 months, on more than one occasion. So UI development is definitely part of their expenditures

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