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Dedicated to William "Bill" Morrison

I was taken aback earlier today when I learned about the passing of one of our most prominent forum members on Elance's Water Cooler, the one and only Bill Morrison, who passed away in September of last year. I unfortunately can't call myself his friend but I feel a lot of users who interacted through Bill's posts will surely miss his unique character and the warmth and kindness his words radiated.

I have a lot of respect and have learned a lot from users who posted in the WC and post today in the Community, but Bill is the only person who never, not once, had a post which included anything but advice, balanced and calm tone and a type of humor which would put a smile even on the most frustrated participant's face, amid a heated discussion. Needless to say I believe I never edited any of Bill's posts, and those who know me from the WC are acutely aware of the frequent editing we were doing over there, as the result of the limitations we were working with when compared to the Community.

That's how I remember Bill, as a kind, witty, astute and knowledgeable person who possessed a rare ability to educate and amuse at the same time. Our thoughts go out to Bill's family and friends, hope you're having a swell time wherever you are Bill.

Walking down memory lane, I stumbled upon a Bill-centered discussion and Bill's thoughts about the concept of truth which those of you who had an account on Elance can still access and enjoy.

Bill M.png

~ Vladimir
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Vlad, thank you for a lovely and heartfelt sincere tribute to a man some of us were lucky enough to call a friend.  Bill was more than a brilliant and superbly talented writer; he was a Good Guy. In all the best ways.





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I had the chance to speak with Bill through Skype. He was a man of few words but wise and kind and always a pleasure to read. I'm very sad to learn he passed away. Thanks for sharing the info Vlad.



"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless
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You are a wonderful person, Vlad. Thank you!


Bill will be missed. Look at them 5 stars on all 184 jobs. He was great enough to not let any client unhappy, and nobody can tell me that all those 184 jobs were from the 184 perfect clients. Who else but Bill makes everyone happy. Literally everyone.


If Upwork can invest a little bit of time, can I request that some kind of graphical memorial shows on Bill's profile, letting those who visit his profile in the future know that he's passed away and let them know how stunning the human whom they can't communicate with anymore was?


R.I.P. Bill :'(

Thank you Vlad. I just cannot believe Bill is no longer with us - I feel diminished by his passing. 😞



Vlad, THANK YOU! What a beautiful post.


I am profoundly sad, even though I never knew Bill over at the Water Cooler, only from his posts here.

Kudos Wassim, and I agree. If there's some way to add a little memorial badge or tagline or something, Bill certainly deserves one. Along with LindaTwistedMind  and BermudaMarkBurgess. 

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"A Beautiful Soul is Never Forgotten"

Rest In Peace

Vlad, thank you for a beautiful post and sincere tribute to Bill. 

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I remember Bill from Elance. He was well respected and an asset to the forums. My deepest condolences to his family.



What a wonderful post and tribute to Bill!


Not only does your post show that Bill was special, but also it shows your warmth and caring.


Great to have you as a moderator.


Thank you.


"Certa bonum certamen"
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What a touching tribute to Bill. I always loved his contributions to the Water Cooler at Elance and wondered what happened to him since I didn't see him over here at Upwork.

Now that he's crossed that last magical bridge, I know he's on the other side. He's still being Bill and bringing a smile to the face of everyone he meets. And on this side is a giant Bill sized hole where he used to reside. So happy Bill crossed my path.

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Gutted... Bill was the main man. Bill will always be the main man. Nice touch on making him the Featured Contributor... can't think of a more worthy guy. See you around Bill. 

"Welcome, humans. I'm ready for you!"
- Box, Logan's Run (1976)

Today, I cleaned up my multiple address books, and hesitatingly deleted Bill's information. A sad day.

See you in the next life, Bill!  Don't lose your sense of humor in the meantime.

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Thank you, Vladimir. What a beautiful tribute!


(I, too, was one of those newbies to the Water Cooler who instantly felt at home and was made to feel welcome by being able to enjoy one of WMorrison's posts. Those were the days... Let's be proud of having the chance to put to work what we learnt from Bill.)

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