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Disaster avoided

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Amanda L Member Since: Jan 23, 2018
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This is maybe just a rambling. I don't have many issues with clients because I have been working with the same few ones on here, since my offline clients take up so much time as well. Occassionally I get new invites here or see something interesting that I think is worth my time. 


But I do read the forums and all the advice as I find it invaluable in running a business and managing clients here and offline. Today I was contacted by a client and then something happened, very minor, but it was a red flag of condescension and rudeness. I heard Preston's voice in my head (I've never heard Preston's voice but I imagined it) and Jennifer's voice as well (my girl saying no), and I quickly withdrew my proposal and thanked the client for their invite but that they'd be better off with someone else. 


I can imagine that if I had worked with the client it would have been hell on earth. Don't ignore red flags. If they can't treat you with respect in their communications, act entitled, or like you're their servant (and it only took one message for this to come across) just walk away. I'm glad I did this morning. I feel like I dodged a bullet. 


So thanks to all the gurus here that make pointed, blunt/honest posts frequently and help us all dodge client from hell bullets. 

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Abinadab A Member Since: Sep 26, 2016
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A client-freelancer relationship isn't the same as employer-employee relationship.

Some clients fail to understand this.

What we do here is collabs, and collabs don't work without respeck.

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Michelle S Member Since: Jun 23, 2017
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Every freelancer should feel empowered to choose their clients.  I've only had one bad experience with a client and it happened because a project manager took over the project mid-way through the project and was not happy about a few decisions that were made early on.  I am always very clear that we need total buy-in from all parties before the project starts and this didn't happen in this case  I stuck it out, but she made my life really misearble for several weeks. As far as I can tell, this project manager is not with the company any more, but a few weeks ago the client reached out to me about another project and I declined.  Technically, they still owe me some money for the previous project.  However when they closed the contract by accident, and left me a good review, I just didn't bother with trying to get the rest of the money they owed me.  And more recently, I talked to a client about a project and he came back to me saying that his collegues had doubts that my skillset was a good match for the project.  I told him I agreed and it's in no one's best interest to be battling every decision because the client doesn't have faith in the freelancer.  I consider that a bullet dodged.  Otherwise, I've had great experiences here and most of my clients are repeat clients.  I am just very picky about the jobs I bid on and anything that makes me the least bit uncomfortable will make me decline an interview.