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Does Anybody Work Here Anymore?

Recently, I've seen a few different clients post that they aren't getting any bids. Then, Jennifer posted that she was having trouble finding a qualified person to do data entry--one of the most glutted fields on Upwork. This afternoon, I posted a job for an illustrator to design a header graphic, and I've only received four bids (even though I sent out invitations), though I see people post every day that there are no jobs for artists/designers/illustrators here.


Are freelancers really leaving?


Is Upwork displaying standard job postings differently/less prominently since the option to pay to feature a posting was introduced?


What's going on?


Virginia, I only use additional writers on large jobs with ongoing clients, or really massive one-off projects. I've only done it with a couple of Upwork jobs where the client was in a time crunch and so I suggested bringing in another writer.


If you do it with Upwork jobs, you have to get the client's consent, and you can only do it with a fixed price job, not hourly. I have established relationships with other writers (when I hire through Upwork or another platform, it's for other services, such as transcription and design), so when I get an offer for a job I don't have time for and I have a writer who is a good fit, I tell the client that I don't have time to take it on right now, but I have a writer who does some contracting for me who I think would do a great job, and if he's amenable to her writing the pages, I will review them for legal accuracy and ethical compliance and edit before submitting.


I'm still taking full responsibility for the job and always the last one to touch it before it passes to the client, but it cuts down my per-page time investment significantly.

Thanks so much, Tiffany. That's super helpful. I'm looking into doing that. It's a great idea.

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Funny, I have more work than I can handle at the moment, but it definitely wasn't that way a few months ago, and in a month or two I might be struggling again. I'm still getting hired, but have seen a decrease in quality job posts and a shocking increase in "I demand the world for the grand total of $15!"

Definitely. I've seen lots of $2 per article stuff. That is utterly ridiculous.


Last week, I had the feeling it was "Tightfisted Client Competition Week". Didn't get any job as I was not ready to be bought for nothing. This week, things seem a bit more normal, at least there are more jobs on offer.


Md Mahbuber Rahman
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Md Mahbuber Rahman
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Md Mahbuber Rahman
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Hello. This thread was first created in 2018. Back in 2016, there were many transcription jobs available. I didn't even have to apply because there were so many invites. Fast forward to 2024, and I don't see any English transcription postings anymore -- not even one. Are there any transcriptionists here who are as busy now as they were in 2016/2018?

Welhelmina, I'm afraid AI has changed the game.


It's the same for translation jobs, they have become a rarety! Most of the jobs are proofreading of translations done by some AI. Not only this kind of job is absolutely boring but also cliens expect them to be done for very little money.


AI might be useful in some instances, but I can only see it destroy jobs and brains (people are relying on machines to save them having to use their own brains - too tiring).



Hi, Luce. I'm afraid that's true. But from my experience, AI-generated transcripts still take a lot of time to proofread especially if there are several speakers. I find it's often better to start from scratch. That said, sadly, it's true that transcription will likely become a thing of the past in the near future.


Thank you for the reply:)

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Why freelancers not replay or bid on your jobs?

There are different and multiple reasons behind this, freelancers are going to looking for project with high budget, because everyone want to collect huge money.

Freelancer are going to find professional projects because Up work is very professional ad only professional worker work here.

Freelancers are going to learn about other more technologies in their skill set because there is huge competition to meet the up work quality.

Freelancers are also looking for long time client therefore they join up work even there are multiple other freelancing platforms.

Freelancer are going to make sure for bidding in first two minute, they want to sow there proposal in first three bids because multiple clients do not explore the bids after first five, they hire from the first five bids.

So you should make sure to post a professional project with good budget and add some of the filter provided by up work.

If you find minimum number of bids then these are enough because you have to hire just single person not to am of them.

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