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EU hours question

I am in France and the time here (as I write)  is 23.35.  How is it that when I see the profiles of other freelancers in European countries such as Norway and Germany the time shows as an hour behind France? All three countries have the same hours. 



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Community Manager

Hi Nichola,


Time zone is a setting that freelancers can update in their Settings> Contact Info. It doesn't adjust automatically when the freelancer updates their address. It's possible that freelancers you're referring to haven't updated their time zone setting. Feel free to PM me with the links to those profiles and I can double-check.


Thank you.

~ Bojan

Thanks for your reply Bojan,


I know that at least two freelancers do not need to "update" their whereabouts. But I will send what I have tomorrow. 

Did you actually have your coffee break at 23:35, Nichola L.?

Hey, don't knock Nicola's weird coffee break time! I've had 'coffee breaks' at some ungodly hours in my time while chasing a deadline. Then there were those times that insomnia struck and I landed up watching Youtube videos of people doing house and garden renovations...and popped in because...well...no book...Youtube...boredom... You know, that kinda thing. 

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