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Employment Certificate from Upwork

Hello Guys, 

I was wondering how to gain an Employment certificate for the years I've been working through upwork? 
I see we got a Certificate of Earning from upwork, but I guess that doesn't equal to Certificate of Employment or A Job Experience Certificate?? 

I need it for my Master's Degree Application/Immigration Program. Not sure how to process it or what to show them alternatively who requires to see JOB EXPERIENCE for all of these years I've said worked for clients through UPWORK. 

Please enlighten me if you have received something similar like this or about to get it.  

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Hi Kazi
As I know Upwork doesn't provide any Employment certificate to freelancers. As you are not an employee of Upwork. You are just using Upwork as a medium to connect with your clients.
Now if you are a true employee of Upwork, then you can talk to your HR to get the certificate.


I wonder if they would accept a copy of the Billings by Client report.  That would show every client you've worked with and your billing for that client.

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You have two options: you can contact each client you worked with and see if they're willing to provide you with documents proving you worked on their projects; on top of that you have the invoices that were created for each payment you received. Those invoices contain both your name and the client's, plus the brief description of the work and contract ID. You also have the contracts for each job with detailed description and client details.

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