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Feature requests

In no particular order...


- a way to filter my job search, as well as invitations and UW recommendations, to exclude any job posting that includes the following words or phrases: rock star, rockstar, superstar, ninja, could lead to more

- a new Community Forum discussion entitled "Hissy Fits"

- incentive-based self-education program for new FLs; anyone who hasn't completed enough projects to qualify for a JSS can win extra connects by passing quizzes about UW fundamentals, e.g. how to tell if you've been hired, how to tell if when/if you're going to be paid, etc.


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Also any job posts that require a special phrase like "pink elephant" at the top of the proposal to "prove you read the whole post."




And while I'm at it - as much as I wish the Community forums were actually divided into useful categories like Tech Support, Profile and Verification Problems, and any number of others, I have no confidence that either those posting here or the actual Moderators would pay any attention. The number of threads that are arbitrarily merged with older ones, but still left in the wrong categories just boggles my mind.

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See proposals history with a job poster in the job posting

Currently, we can't tell if a job is posted by someone we have sent proposals to prior or not.  This would help filter out potential job posters that are not likely going to hire us. 


Pay range indicator for hourly jobs.

Some kind of (optional?) range indicator for how much money a client is willing to pay.  Might be a better gauge of skill level client is seeking than $, $$, $$$.  I have seen $$$/Expert job postings that basically end up anywhere from $12 - $90+.  The range is so wide and diverse it is essentially useless.  Would like a better way to see whether a job poster's pay range is even remotely close to my range before wasting time even reading their job post.

Is it time for lunch yet?
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Serious reply alert:


In the search box, if you write


-"rock star"  -rockstar -superstar -ninja


all these words and word groups will be filtered out...


Edit: There is minus sign just before the words to be filtered out.

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