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Funny interviews

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Kristo H Member Since: May 6, 2017
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There have been a lot of discussion here on funny job postings, but barely anything about funny interviews. To fix the gap, kindly, let us enjoy one real-life case where one potential (or not so?) requested a call. Following is one part of the proceedings, a short snippet, but do not hesitate to think the incident more broadly.


UM — (interrupting) ... I’ll give you... information like, supposed... aah, if you (unclear) ... okay... supposed, like one year project, right. If you already (unclear)... you already (unclear)... I’ll give you (unclear) ... smart, right... (unclear) I believe the project ... so of course (unclear) protect... self... (unclear)... looking for new... (unclear) over that location, right! Because you already know (unclear) that you have to follow... (unclear) and how you do... and how you perform... the (unclear), right? (unclear) So, of course we’ll give you the first (unclear) and over this project this month... aahm... montly invoice... supposed there are five (unclear) location... then you...

overall... send the number of hours... (unclear) month... (unclear) end of the month... and we’ll give your payment within next ... you can pay... ten to fifteen days, right. Because, we are gonna receive payment from (unclear) customers, from the clients... like five to ten days... so we just take like four... five... (unclear) ... because.


Now, let's spare you of the details. Hope this helps people to organize and attend productive and realistic interviews in the future. 


Wish you all the best Thursday out there and good luck!





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Theresa D Member Since: Mar 28, 2019
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Great advice.


I am careful to not accept anyone that wants to pay me at the end of the project, or visit their platform, or any other shady thing. 


Usually when someone invites you from Upwork they are trying to cheat you because there will be no proof of work done.


Stay on Upwork or wait for the next job.


Another lesson learned from one of my projects, always ask for the word count from the beginning and if your client keeps changing terms every time you chat, you are going to be cheated.

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Kim F Member Since: Aug 26, 2015
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I've rarely been paid in advance, although it has happened. If you only work for payment upfront, you're severely reducing your options.


And sometimes the work can only be done by visiting their platform.


"Usually when someone invites you from Upwork they are trying to cheat you because there will be no proof of work done."


I don't know what you mean by "no proof of work done" but it isn't true that invites are always scams. Almost all my projects are from invites and I rarely bid. And I know I'm not the only one here who works like this.

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Theresa D Member Since: Mar 28, 2019
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Thanks for the feedback.


Will be cautious and will also try out working outside the platform and being paid via a milestone on Upwork.

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