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Future of Upwork

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Mikko R Member Since: Dec 26, 2015
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Jozsa, here's my personal experience and opinion. I'm hoping to change your mind here. Please stay on Upwork... but you might want to change your approach a bit.

Here's how. 😉

I'm not entirely sure, but the impression I got from your profile is that after a decade of freelancing, you're still working for other techies.

Maybe, instead of doing that, try to find a niche that you can own. Sweet business that way. By default, you need to be the No. 1 guy in your specific niche and as your profile is already strong you can get more invitations that you can handle. Which means you can choose.

My thesis is that as long as you are a developer working for other developers it is extremely hard to level up and get to true value-based pricing. You're stuck with getting paid in relation to the time you spend.

Skip that model.

Make sure you get paid according to your contribution to the client's business.

Apply this model and making a $1,000 a day is not a big thing. It's the standard deal. Or more like the minimum you should consider.

This wonderful platform gives you a distinct advantage over any other platform. Once you have a strong profile, you can choose to work for only the dream client types. Reject all others. Keep your standards. The best kinds of clients are right here. And the platform helps you to find them... even to the point that you don't need to spend time on it (=invitations).

Aim at getting clients whose main offering comes from the work YOU do. Your part is therefore critical. Then, it's worth a lot. 🤑

I love doing fixed price jobs where knowing what my clients will charge to their clients is the most important factor I price my services by. I never ask directly, of course, but as I know how the business domain of my client works, all I need to know is who my client's customers are. That information is enough for making sweet deals that take little of my time, deliver a great and absolutely critical part of my client's business, and yet my client can sell the result forward with a reasonable margin.

Happy client, profit for them and myself at the same time. 🤑 In other words, the best kind of business you could have in theory.

The trick is that you don't work for another developer who can only make money from hiring you for a lower rate than his/her own. That IS the race to the bottom. And the reason is in your own business model.

You just need to jump higher up in the value chain. 👍

Not that complicated, right? 😉