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Global warming

Global Warming is a dangerous effect on our environment that we are facing these days. Rapid industrialization, increase in the population growth and pollution are causing a rise in Global Warming. Global Warming refers to the increase in the average temperature of the earth's surface during the last century.

There are various causes of global warming both natural and manmade. The natural one includes a greenhouse gas, volcanic eruption, methane gas and more. Next up, manmade causes are deforestation, mining, cattle rearing, fossil fuel burning and more.

Global warming can be stopped by a joint effort by the individuals and the government. Deforestation must be banned and trees should be planted more. The use of automobiles must be limited and recycling must be encouraged.

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I believe that having a good conscience helps us face whatever may come our
way, for we know that we did everything we could to avoid it.
Having a bad conscience blocks us, and we can't respond adequately and
positively when hardships find us.
May God be merciful towards us because of our right attitude.
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We all need to be good stewards of the planet, but at the same time, realize natural forces can be very powerful.


Most people don't know that both the north and south poles were once lush forests with no ice.


Today is more of the exception with glaciers on the poles.

Careful. The reliable results of 'old' math and science may upset younger eyes aglow with the Gospel of Golden Promise as offerred by 'new' mats and skyence.

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I agree with you that global warming needs to be stopped. But in reality, due to regional and national differences, it is difficult to uniformly implement. Many developing countries claim that developed countries' carbon emission reductions are some conspiracy. Developed countries enjoyed the dividends of rapid economic growth a hundred years ago, but now they come to restrict carbon emissions in some developing countries, which they believe is unfair. In fact, it is precisely because of this imbalance that leads to some people working hard to stop global warming, while others are accelerating it.

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A few people said, "the Global Warmer reports in the media are a hoax".  I said, "it does not matter what the actual statistics are" because Facebook had before and after pictures of LOCKDOWN.  I was impressed that the before was not being able to see the HIMALYAS, and there was another before and after in Iran.  


But in Jupiter just after LOCKDOWN, I saw a fox walking in a shopping center.  He did not run, so I photographed him.   I saw photos of animals all over the world coming out into our streets and developments, seeming glad that we were LOCKDOWN at last.  That is enough for me.   Nature needs a rest from us.


ESG and the 2023 ESG Global Summits and Media Videos are addressing the problem.  The E in ESG is Environment.  


Sometimes UPWORK does not allow my videos....but they are in my profile and my YouTube Channel.


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Agreed Riya:

Its global issue and we all should resolve this with the help of respective organizations.


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