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Guess the farmers/google translators are taking a break...

...Or they don't go after more unusual languages like Czech and Greek. I've got two jobs open right now (for those languages) and I've only received one scam application and no farmers. The quality of applicants was really good for a change.


Jennifer, there was an E provider - nice and fun lady - who is/was a Greek translator.  I don't know if she is on U. For obvious reasons I can't post her name or LinkedIn info**Edited for Community Guidelines**


I only posted one translation job and that was on Elance some time ago, for French to English. I got fantastic proposals. And I still remember the other ones 🙂


Some people are just desperate, or totally stupid. I even had one from Pakistan (notably French speaking country) that wanted $350 for translating 500 words from French to English. He sent a sample of a google translated... French text 🙂


Another one came with so poor English that I could barely understand his proposal.


When this happens and you still receive excellent proposals, it's funny. But I imagine that when you receive only this kind of cr@p, you may want to run away from freelancing platforms.

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Yeah Rene, previously about 50% of proposals I've got for any translation job previously have been farmers, so it's nice to not have that experience. Perhaps because previously I've just advertised for large hourly jobs right out of the gate, while this time I'm advertising for $50 fixed price jobs as a trial first (I'm clearly stating that its a trial, I will be hiring multiple freelancers, and then determining the best fit for a larger ongoing contract).


Wendy, thanks for the offer but I actually had plenty of luck with the Greek applicants I received - they were all really good and it was hard to narrow down to just the 4 I wanted to trial!

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