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Have you ever had this happen?

I usually take 1 am to 2 am to see which new jobs are available. I sent about 4 proposals and I usually like to see other freelancers reviews to really determine what the client is going to be like. On the last proposal I started reading and I it was like. 1 star... 1 star .. 5 star .. 1 star.. 


I closed that window so fast it almost hit 1.21 gigawatts 🙂 


I'd rather take a hit on an hourly rate then deal with some of the headaches I read on here 🙂 good luck all 🙂


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I am usually more interested in the feedback a client leaves than the feedback they get. I have a knack of handling difficult clients, and as long as the feedback they GIVE is good I overlook some poor feedback they've got (NOT what you describe, though 😉 )


A difficult to work with client is a temporary challenge, bad feedback is a permanent annoyance.

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