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Heavy workload and now AI

For over a decade now we've been under heavy workload mainly due to the time spent on low value tasks, and now with AI, we need to make time to upskill to be relevant. Doesn't it feel like the pressure now is 2x and there is no support to help with the workload?

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I see a lot of job postings that say "No AI," but a lot that embrace it.

It's pathetic ... but AI will likely get better and better and writers will become more and more irrelevant.



Fun daily fact: An AI has just decided that God is a woman!


The source text reads: 'My Lord! My Maker and my Creator!'


The machine hallucinated the following translation (not indicated by the context): '... Mein Schöpfer und meine Schöpferin!' [Schöpferin = female creator]

I guess AI got something right.


The idea that some immortal being that is all knowing, all powerful, etc. would be a human construct of a man or a woman always seemed bizarre.

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I get it. Balancing a heavy workload while trying to upskill can be tough, especially with AI advancing so quickly. One way to manage this is by using AI tools to automate low-value tasks, which can free up time for learning and important work. It might also help to seek support from management or look into more efficient processes. Would you like to talk about some strategies or tools that could help with this?

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AI out there is more generic and hasn't helped individual contributors like us in reducing the time spent on our recurring/low value tasks.

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It definitely feels like a tough spot—juggling heavy workloads and the need to upskill can be stressful. Without adequate support, it’s challenging to find the time and energy to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape.



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