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How do you master productivity ?

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Mark F Member Since: Jul 10, 2018
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Jennifer M wrote:

I poop post on reddit all day and I'm reminded how much better I am than the crazies on that site who hate landlords and create an identity around politics. Fun to troll but my god sweaties go offline and do something that makes  you happy.


I'm playing FF7 and enjoying the story. I feel pretty productive when I kill a boss.

Reddit is just horrible.  People there are so mean and nasty and unhelpful.

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Renata S Member Since: Jun 10, 2014
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I don't think you can master productivity until you've made a few serious inquiries into the nature of procrastination:



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Amber F Member Since: Mar 29, 2020
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Such a good question, and fun to read the answers!

I struggle with productivity. But I find it's easier to master this fault because of the nature of Upwork. I've had the opportunity to do so much more than write SEO blog posts! I've transcribed and rewritten material into an eBook, written personal letters, provided a consult to another proofreader, written business plans, and written ad copy - all in the two months since I've joined. Constantly meeting new clients caters to my extroversion and keeps things interesting. Short projects work well for my personality because I don't lose interest. As a bonus, my skills and experience grow so I can apply to more jobs!


I also chat with my husband about the projects I'm working on (and probably bore him out of his mind)! It keeps my head in the game and makes me feel supported.


Also coffee. Cheers!

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Remi O Member Since: Jun 6, 2016
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Two months. Wow!

Great job Amber! 

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John B Member Since: Aug 20, 2015
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Model your freelancer day after an employment-styled day.  Discipline is the key.  Have discline, the rest flows naturally.


1. Set a schedule, formally, in MS calendar or whatever, that blocks out specific time.  
8am.  Up

830am.  Forum interaction

9am    Project 1:  one hour of work.

10am.  Walk the dog

1039am  Project 2:  one-and-a-half hours of work.

Noon.  Lunch.  Trip to the nearby store

1pm:  Project 1: second hour of work

2pm:  Walk the dog

2:30pm:  Project 2: one hour of work.

3:30pm.  Play some on the Forum.

4pm: Project 3: one hour of work.

5pm.  Done.  Happy hour.

6pm. Study, expand your skill set, read a business book.

7pm. Walk the dog.

Then play.

We have it all.  We have complete control of our schedule.  The inside secret. The secret-of-secrets.  Discipline.  Freelancer-land is all about discipline.