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How good have you been eating since you started working remotely? from 1 to 10

Since I started working remotely, many things have changed. One of them is the quality of my food. Personally, I enjoy work remote because I can do mealpreps and design a weekly menu that keeps me organized and I save a lot of money. Also in travel expenses.


Do you think it's better to eat at home, or do you miss the cold salads and sandwiches from the old times at work/university? How much time do you take for your lunch break? What do you think is an appropriate amount of time? Do you think is a good way to save money eat at home instead working from coffee shops and more?


Thank you, I apreciate your replies


Have a nice day! Mery.



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Don't you know to never start a forum topic when you are hungry?

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Freelancing allows better eating and daily exercise throughout the day.

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Eating at home definitely helps me save money and time, but I haven't yet worked out exactly how much I spend compared to before. Could be an interesting research project. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say it's a 5 because I can choose what I buy, opt for cheaper alternatives and meal prep (with leftovers). I have to cook a warm meal at lunchtime, and I allocate one hour for the lunch break. This means that I have to be well-organised and somewhat adept at my kitchen routines. Which is nice, too, because it's a skill that mirrors the process management skills necessary in my freelancing and business-management work. 

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