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How to make money on Upwork

Hi there, Does work still pay people for their work cause I don't understand again? The economy is not friendly here please someone should guide me.Hope everyone is doing good😊,No matter what always be happy.

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Before you look for work, you need to understand how to use the platform. Please read this post. I use it because it's much easier than duplicating every link. Freelancing means you are responsible for every aspect of your business. It requires marketable skills. I don't see any marketable skills.


It's great to have things that bring you joy, but they are not appropriate for your profile.


For your profile, you can start with a clear photo of your face with a plain background. Clients like to connect a face to a name, and it's an Upwork requirement. Currently, your profile tells scammers that you haven't read the rules, and are ready to be scammed.  You are not going to be hired as a writer in English with a "fluent" level of skills. All you will find are scams. The barely there profile is full of errors. If this is your only marketable skill, you may need to pause your work until you develop marketable skills or find employment. I'm not being mean; I'm telling you the truth. If you want to freelance, you must have marketable skills. Use libraries or the 'net to learn about freelancing and what it requires. Upwork is not the place to learn basic skills.


Jeanne said it well enough. Bears repeating. As a writer, myself, I've learned it's one of those skills where errors come out loud and clear. You should be close to impeccable to be a marketable writer. That said, there isn't much call for poetrry; even respected poets are paid only marginally for their work. Most poets earn a livng through teaching or various other jobs. 


Jeanne is right. You are vulnerable to scammers. They will be on you quick as a blink. 


If you really want to start writing professionally, try local outliets, like community newspapers. Work with their editors and try to produce copy they will use. That's a good place to start.

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Update your Profile to the current Upwork algos and upskill to hot in-demand Skills.

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